1. What type of process air do You have?


Is the contamination wet, dry, sticky or a mixture of both? Check residues inside the process or even better, in existing extraction units or ductwork. It will give You a hint of what You are dealing with.


2. What does Your air pollution consist of?

All air pollutions consist of particles. The question is what size and how many are they? Unfortunately, You won’t get the answer just by observing.  Neither can any supplier. Professional dust monitor equipment, like a “DustTraktm” is needed to measure the contamination load and particle size.




3. How clean do You want the air to be after filtration?


Different filter equipment has varying filtration efficiencies depending on particle size and particle load. How clean would You like the filtered air to be? Should it be semi-clean or free from almost all of the smallest and most hazardous particles?


4. How important is reliable and constant extraction to You?


Extracting polluted air away from process and operator is key to a healthy and profitable workplace. If extraction is too low or decreases over time, contaminated air will begin leak from the machine tool doors. At the same time tools and tool changing magazines may struggle coping in the dirty environment.


5. How often do you want to maintain your filter equipment?


There is filter equipment on the market today  that require service every week. Others can run 24/7 and still only need attention once a year.  Each stop is expensive. Not only is Your time wasted, but vital production time may be lost. Ask for guarantees and make sure You keep track time spent.






Once you have identified what requirements You have on the filter equipment, it is time to choose the supplier and technology.

  • Make sure invited suppliers bring necessary equipment to measure Your air pollution.
  • For tasks You consider most important, demand written guarantees and complimentary measurements after installation to prove You got what was agreed upon.
  • Last but not least, ask for reference installations from similar processes.

Think it sounds difficult and want assistance? We offer air quality tests and are happy to assist on technical solutions. All is free of charge and with no obligation to purchase our products. Contact us or any of our distributors today and start making the world cleaner!

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