How to recover energy from filtered and clean industrial process air

Most climate scientists and experts agree that the accelerating climate change we see today is created by human activity. We know the greenhouse effect and global warming are probable threats to future generations. Many of us are actively participating to reduce emissions and energy consumption – from large institutions to private individuals. We would like to highlight how industrial process air can play an important role in our struggle to create a better and healthier environment!

Oil mist and oil smoke health risks

Oil mist can be hard to detect, mainly because the particles are extremely small. Let us tell You more about the research that has been made on health risks associated with oil mist and oil smoke arising in industrial processes worldwide. Oil mist and oil smoke – same size as virus and bacteria To understand … Continued

Oil mist from machine tools – Was it better in the past?

Some of us might remember how the machines used to make both factory premises and machine operators dirty and black. Today, we seldom see this heavy, black smoke in traditional metal industry. Could this mean that the air inside the machine tool is cleaner today than what it used to be?

Do you know if your work air is clean?

How do you know if the air you breathe at work is clean and healthy? Often we try to trust our senses. This may work if the pollution particles are large. However, air pollution that arises from working with metals, for example in a lathe or grinding machine, so-called oil mist and oil smoke often consists of tiny invisible particles. Particles that don’t have a unique smell. Then how do you know if the air is clean?

Air quality in a workshop vs. polluted cities

No one could have missed that the outdoor air pollution is getting worse and that nature and life itself are seriously threatened. But what about indoor air quality in metalworking industry? Could we learn something from the research being made on outdoor air?

5 Things to consider when selecting air filtration for your process

What questions do You need to ask before making the final decision on what filtration or extraction systems you should use for Your process? We have gathered important issues to consider below:

6 signs of oil mist and oil smoke problems

A well-functioning oil mist filter should not only clean the air. It should also make sure to extract the pollution inside the machine tool, also when the filter isn’t brand new or recently serviced. If not, polluted air can escape through machine doors and other open areas. Below are some signs that your air cleaning system might not be working as it should.

New recommendation for oil mist and oil smoke levels in Swedish workplaces

Limitations are in place on the level of polluted air in the work environment in many countries. Sweden is no exception. The Swedish Occupational Health Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket) is responsible for determining what is known as hygienic or threshold limit values. Recently, a new directive covering air quality at work was published, the AFS 2018:1.

Large Interest for Absolent at Elmia Machine Tools

Absolent is currently exhibiting at Elmia Machine Tools in Sweden. This is the second time we at Absolent exhibit at the fair and as we are now more than halfway into the exhibition we can say that, so far it has been a success this year as well.

Are you exposed to oil mist and metal working fluids at work?

Oil mist is generated in machines where metal working fluids or straight oil is used during turning, milling, grinding or other types of metal working. The air pollution can vary from moderate and pretty much invisible oil mist to high volumes of pollution.